Mitch McConnell Just Publicly Laid The Blame For Tonight’s Devastating Loss Where It Belongs

Democratic Senator-elect Doug Jones’ triumphant victory over Roy Moore just triggered the Republican Senate Majority leader, who lashed out at Trump’s fiasco and his former senior White House political advisor.

Senator Mitch McConnell just very publicly blamed Breitbart’s Editor-in-Chief Nazi-Promoter-in-Chief, Steve Bannon, for irreparably damaging Donald Trump and his own unpopular GOP agenda by dragging the “President of the United States into his fiasco.”

McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund didn’t even wait an hour to blast Trump’s former White House senior advisor who claimed credit for promoting Roy Moore’s deleterious Republican campaign as a “brutal reminder that candidate quality matters.”

“Steve Bannon cost us a critical Senate seat in one of the most Republican States in the country,” Republican Senate Leadership Fund’s CEO wrote, pointing out that McConnell’s Senate majority has been reduced to a slim 1 vote margin.

Mitch McConnell has good reason to be angry tonight.

Doug Jones’ big victory tonight recalls the close special election in early in the Obama-era when a Republican won a seat in solidly blue Massachusetts, halting the Democratic legislative agenda and indicating a massive wave in the upcoming mid-term elections.

Republicans are busy trying to pass an enormous set of handouts to the rich masquerading as a tax bill and need every available vote in the Senate just to reach 50 if they want to screw America and balloon our national deficit with corporate tax giveaways.

Kentucky’s junior GOP Senator has just said that he won’t vote for the Republican tax scam, while Tennesee’s Sen. Corker voted against the original bill.

The Trump agenda may have just died in America’s reddest red state after the Republican Party supported a pedophile.

Now, Republicans have no clear path to pass their terrible tax bill and this is still a better situation for their party than seating a pedophile in the hallowed halls of the Senate.

Congratulations Doug Jones!

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