Trump Supporters say there will be Consequences if Trump is NOT invited to the Royal Wedding

Trump supporters have taken to social media to warn of consequences if Trump is not invited to the forth coming wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

“Trying to humiliate our President will backfire badly and all Trump’s enemies will regret why they did it. So all we ask is that common sense prevails and Trump is invited to the wedding,” wrote Mary Wiggins, a self described “soccer mom” and “deplorable” on Facebook.

Allan Williams, who describes himself as a grass roots campaigner and deplorable wrote in the “Trump Troopers” Facebook group that: “If they can invite Obama and Michelle to the Royal wedding then they must invite Trump also. Trump is the President and not Obama so it makes no sense to invite Obama and not invite Trump. Surely, Trump will pay back good measure for good measure. Let them try and humiliate Trump, he will use his power as President of the United states to punish all his enemies and haters!”

James Olken, a Conservative radio host claimed the issue will affect trade deals with the United Kingdom or affect the joint training exercises of the US and UK troops. He said: “The royal wedding is an opportunity for the UK officials to meet Trump on the sidelines of the event and share ideas, bond and forge even stronger ties. Trying to stop Trump from attending the wedding will be a missed opportunity for Britain. It is actually a shame that Obama and his wife have been invited and the current President hasn’t. Obama did nothing but destroy our economy, ruin job prospects, and actually made the UK-US relationship even worse than it was. It is Trump who is trying to rebuild the UK-US relationship and they are trying to sabotage him. It’s unacceptable!”

It has been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle do not want Trump at their wedding but at the same time the British Government is piling pressure on them to invite him.

Also, the British public do not want Trump to set foot in Britain and millions of anti-Trump protestors are expected to pour onto the streets of London should Trump visit. Already, Trump’s state visit to the UK has been postponed three times after millions of Britons reacted badly at the news of his visit.



    • Or who Trump likes to think he is. History will marvel how #44 and #45 can be so close together in time, but so incredibly different. Obama outstanding, Trump big loser.

    • I totally agree. The Obamas are friends to Harry. It is up to the bride & groom who they invite, not the people posting their opinions.

  • S’cuse me? Trump crassly and incorrectly claims that he could have “nailed” Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, and Ms Markle has no love for him either. Harry is so far down the line of succession now that it no longer qualifies as any kind of “diplomatic” opportunity. Two people met, fell in love and want to marry each other. No One Else Has Any Right To Tell Them Who To Invite.

  • Perhaps Mary Wiggins and others fail to understand that, unlike William’s wedding, Harry’s wedding is *not* a state occasion (please Google it if you don’t know the difference between a state occasion and a private one). Unless there is a personal relationship between Harry and Trump, there is simply *no reason whatsoever* for Trump to be invited. That personal relationship does exist between Harry and Obama, however, so Harry should certainly invite him if he wishes.

    • Not to mention the fact that tRUMP went on the radio to announce he could have had se X with Diana but would have sent her to the doctor’s for STD testing first! WHY in anyone’s right mind would they think they’d invite this social climbing kleptocrat? He thinks he is their equal if not their superior and will make the private occasion about HIM. We BEG him not to be accepted.

    • William”s wedding was ALSO NOT a State event. William is not Heir, he is 2nd in line. Few Heads of State attended his wedding to Kate (I think France may have been the only to attend).

  • The couple should be able to invite whomever they want. trump will make a scene and embarrass himself and this country. The Brits do not want him there and the Queen refuses to see him, why should the couple be forced to invite them. Hope they stand for their decision.

  • The lady who wrote this article is right about one thing — she is deplorable. This is not a “state” wedding. It is a private affair and the wedding couple should invite only those people they want to invite. They know Barack and Michelle Obama and are friends. They know of Trump and like all sane people find him to be a despicable, ignorant, embarrassment to the human race and do not want him to attend. After all, he would just try to make their wedding all about him.

  • Princess Diana WAS ADORED BY HER SON HARRY.. When TRUMP SKUNK STATED HE COULD HAVE NAILED HER — !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Would not like to be in SKUNKY TRUMPS SHOES. MEETING OUR REAL — GI JOE — PRINCE HARRY.. Harry is no King to be he has always done his own thing and to see TRUMP THE SKUNK PUNCHED IN THE FACE– AND KNOCKED OUT- LET IT HAPPEN.. Yes I know scaredy cat Trump has bodyguards.. WELL SO DO THE BRITS.. and they also have BAYONETS . LET THE GAMES BEGIN. ps… The bride and groom will pick their own guest list. This is their day. STAY AWAY DONT SPOIL IT FOR THEM– WHY TURN THEIR WEDDING INTO A STREET BRAWL- THE BRITISH PEOPLE HATE YOU– AND ALL YOU STAND FOR–

  • Does anyone on this side of the pond think that the Queen really cares whether Harry and Meghan invite trump? William and Kate HAD to have all the pomp BECAUSE he is next in line to the throne. By the time of the wedding…Harry will be 5th in line after Wills and his 3 kids. Other than that…Well..Harry and Obama are friends. And Wills and Kate and the Obama’s are friends…AND President Obama and Michelle have already been introduced to the next in line – in his robe (even).. the entire world knows that trump isn’t welcome anywhere in Great Britian — time for don to accept that rejection…because it is blatant and obvious.

  • Now he is reverting to blackmail (as always when he doesn’t get his way, “Invite me or I will cause global trouble.”) Why in the hell does he even think he should be invited after trashing Harry”s mother as he did? He is not personal friends with anyone in the royal family as Obama is. Why does he think anyone in that country would want him to put a foul smell on that wedding? He would only try to make the entire affair about him!

  • Who the hell do these bloody Trump supporters think they are. Don’t try threatening the Royal family because that idiot Trump wont be going to the wedding, I don’t blame them for not inviting him, who wants some bumbling idiot there drawling all over the young women, I know I wouldn’t. So go stick your threats somewhere the sun don’t shine, and get over it.

  • I hate trump and his cadre of corruption as much as the next person, but I have to question an article from an obviously unreliable source such as the “Viral Title” (that no one has ever heard of before now) – ESPECIALLY when the names they give, “Mary Wiggins,” “Allan Williams,” and “James Olken” don’t exist on Facebook. The first two – being fairly common names, would be hard to locate (I tried – no good), but James Olken is different enough that it should stand out in the crowd. Guess what? No such person. If you can’t write facts, stfup.

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