It’s now clear that Robert Mueller has everything on Trump that you’re hoping he has

With each passing day we learn that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has indeed been investigating every aspect of the Trump-Russia scandal that we’ve heard about from the media over the past year. We also keep being reminded that Mueller is much further ahead on these things than we thought he was. More specifically, lately we keep learning that Mueller has his hands on closely guarded evidence we didn’t even know existed.

Today the Washington Post reported that Robert Mueller has obtained a secret letter that Donald Trump wrote to Vladimir Putin in 2013. Earlier this week we learned from MSNBC that Mueller has obtained a copy of an election memorandum of understanding between Donald Trump and Russia. Just how is Mueller getting his hands on all of this? Subpoenas and warrants only help you if 1) you know that the evidence exists to begin with, and 2) you’re physically able to get to it.

So how did Mueller know that these letters and documents even existed? Someone had to have gotten scared and told him about them. Even then, how did he know where they were being hidden? How did he obtain them? He can’t exactly execute a search warrant on the Kremlin. So presumably, people very close to Trump have been delivering these documents to Mueller, in an attempt at getting themselves off the hook in the Trump-Russia scandal.

We can guess about their identities. Trump deputy campaign chairman Rick Gates just pleaded guilty, so he could have provided the memorandum of understanding. But who in Donald Trump’s inner circle from 2013 would have even known about his letter to Putin, let alone been willing to give it to Mueller? That hypothetical list is fairly short: Rhona Graff, Keith Schiller, Sam Nunberg. Come to think of it, Nunberg did just spill his guts to a Robert Mueller grand jury today. The bottom line is that Mueller clearly has everything on Trump that we’ve been hoping he had – and that may even include the Pee Pee Tape.

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