It’s official: Donald Trump is toast

It is now official – Donald Trump is absolutely done on three different levels. Trump is officially screwed by the trifecta. Special Counsel Robert Mueller clearly has him on treason, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has him on money laundering, and we now know that the U.S. Attorney in the Southern District of New York has him on violations of campaign finance laws. As Trump has spent the past half century of his life avoiding the rule of law, it should surprise nobody that he expected to continue this occurrence once he was in power in the White House.

While treason and obstruction of justice are likely the most difficult to prove, it’s clear that Mueller is using his “Dream Team” to ensure these violations of the law against Trump stand up in court. It’s well known that Trump committed money laundering during his time owning casinos, as well exemplified by his admittance to the crime and the payment of $10 million in fines for a single occurrence.

The recent raid against Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, has increased the interest into his previous hush-money payments to porn stars and Playboy Playmates. While a similar allegation would have ended all previous administrations, it’s important to realize how Trump has been able to escape similar frustration due to a complicit congress.

With such evidence against Trump, yet so little backlash from Republicans in Congress, this is simply more proof of their complicity to the worst aspects of Trump’s treason. For any other president, there would be massive backlash for all of these actions. Sadly, it’s evident that Trump is a Putin asset, and those at the highest levels of congress are complicit. When the truth comes out, and it will, these traitors to America will pay a high price.

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  • 5 or so years ago Turkish border police apprehended 4 rebel soldiers crossing the border into Syria with chem agents used to make chlorine, and as should be expected promptly placed them in custody. When a Kurdish politician in Turkey found out about this he looked into the matter and discovered the suspects had been released without charge. When he questioned Erdogan himself in parliament under parliamentary privilege about it, Erdogan had him jailed for treason. I have no idea what’s happened to him since, or even what his name was. Erdogan is talking about himself and he should already be paying the high price, but he isn’t. He was the first one to use this TOOL in Syria and more than likely still is right now even as he speaks. More than 10,000 Turks locked up for treason in no more than 6 months, any dictator would be proud of those results, they’d be even prouder of the fact the western media barley raised an objection as they did it. The poor old Russian can’t even use a public toilet in case someone in the western media complains they smell too much.

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