Kellyanne Conway’s husband ramps up his attacks on Donald Trump

Kellyanne Conway’s husband George Conway has spent the past several days publicly attacking Donald Trump in increasingly direct fashion. Now George is ramping up his Twitter attacks on Trump even further today. It’s time to talk about what this means with regard to Kellyanne’s position in the White House and the Trump-Russia scandal, and why it’s happening.

It’s long been no secret that George Conway is not impressed with Donald Trump. But George has to be aware that his public attacks on Trump, at a time when Trump is suddenly firing his own top people left and right, could prompt an increasingly unhinged Trump to fire Kellyanne in retaliation. It’s fair to assume that he wouldn’t do this to his wife’s career prospects unless he had her blessing. So it’s fair to interpret this as Kellyanne publicly attacking Trump by proxy. That in turn tells us that either Kellyanne no longer cares if she gets fired, or she believes she can’t be fired. The question of course is why.

The only clue we have to go on is the fact that Kellyanne and George Conway own a polling company that has close connections to Cambridge Analytica, which has been thrust to the center of the Trump-Russia scandal during the same timeframe in which George has begun publicly attacking Trump. It’s difficult to imagine this is a coincidence, but it leaves open the question of what’s really going on here.

Is Kellyanne Conway holding Cambridge Analytica dirt over Donald Trump’s head in a manner which makes her un-fireable? Or is it the opposite scenario, where Kellyanne no longer cares if she gets fired because she realized this week she’s going to have to cut a plea deal anyway? We still don’t know precisely what’s going on here, but something is suddenly going on between Kellyanne and Trump, and it’s difficult to imagine it isn’t about Trump-Russia.

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