MSNBC analyst now says Steve Bannon is headed to prison

SiriusXM radio is facing backlash and boycotts this week for having hired white supremacist Donald Trump adviser Steve Bannon. However, that may become a moot point, as a respected MSNBC analyst now says that Bannon is headed to prison anyway. The latest revelation in the Trump-Russia scandal has finally implicated Bannon by name, after Bannon had spent months managing to dodge the scandal while it took other top Trump advisers down.

Since his arrest and plea deal, former Trump adviser George Papadopoulos has not spoken publicly about the evidence and testimony he provided in exchange for his lenient deal. However, his fiancé gave an interview this week, and she revealed that Papadopoulos was in direct contact with Michael Flynn and Steve Bannon. Flynn has since cut a plea deal of his own. MSNBC intel analyst Malcolm Nance had a harsh assessment of where things now stand for Bannon.

Nance appeared on Joy Reid’s MSNBC weekend morning show and put it this way: “Steve Bannon right now has got to be thinking, ‘How do I get out of this. Do I tell the truth, or do I lie and go to prison.’ Every person in this story is now confronted with those two facts.” Reid validated the assessment by posting it to her official Twitter feed after the fact. Bannon has long been indirectly tied to the Trump-Russia scandal through the work he did for voter data analysis company Cambridge Analytica just before joining the Trump campaign. However, this new revelation corners Bannon from an entirely different angle.

George Papadopoulos conspired with a Russian government representative to try to steal Hillary Clinton’s emails, which was a violation of multiple laws. If Papadopoulos indeed told Steve Bannon of what he was doing, then Bannon is facing criminal charges ranging from misprision of a felony, conspiracy to receive stolen goods, and worse.

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