New bombshell reveals John Bolton is going down in the Trump-Russia scandal

While John Bolton had clear financial connections to Cambridge Analytica, and Donald Trump’s decision to hire Bolton amid the explosion of the Cambridge Analytica scandal was highly suspicious, there wasn’t yet any known evidence that Bolton participated in Cambridge Analytica’s Trump-Russia crime spree. What a difference a day can make.

Even as Special Counsel Robert Mueller carries out the U.S. investigation into Trump-Russia and Cambridge Analytica largely behind the scenes, Parliament is now carrying out the UK investigation into Brexit and Cambridge Analytica in very public fashion. Parliament has released documents turned over by Cambridge Analytica whistleblower Christopher Wylie which reveal that the firm gave stolen Facebook user data to John Bolton’s Super PAC. This means, at the least, that Bolton received stolen goods. Considering that Bolton’s super PAC was paying Cambridge Analytica millions of dollars for its services, it probably means Bolton is guilty of something much uglier.

That’s before getting to the question of whether Bolton used the stolen Facebook user data on behalf of the Republican politicians who were being funded by his Super PAC. And really, who pays big money for stolen goods without intending to use them? So now we know that Bolton isn’t just connected to Cambridge Analytica, he’s knee-deep in the firm’s criminal antics. This confirms once and for all that Donald Trump hired John Bolton because the Cambridge Analytica scandal was exploding, most likely in an attempt at preventing Bolton from cutting a plea deal against him.

We know that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating Cambridge Analytica’s role in the Trump-Russia scandal. Mueller is authorized to prosecute any and all crimes he uncovers in relation to his investigation. That means he can (and will) prosecute Cambridge Analytica for stealing Facebook user data, even if he can’t prove that Cambridge Analytica was conspiring with Russia. In turn, that means he can prosecute John Bolton for having gotten the stolen goods from Cambridge Analytica. Bolton is going down. Trump is simply trying to keep him from flipping.

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