NY Attorney General Just Put A Stop To Trump’s FCC Plan To Split Up The Internet

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is committed to stopping the Republican-controlled Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from tearing apart the Internet protections.

In a statement, AG Schneiderman said he will lead a multistate lawsuit to stop the FCC’s illegal decision to repeal the net neutrality rules.

“The FCC’s vote to rip apart net neutrality is a blow to New York consumers, and to everyone who cares about a free and open internet. The FCC just gave Big Telecom an early Christmas present, by giving internet service providers yet another way to put corporate profits over consumers. Today’s rollback will give ISPs new ways to control what we see, what we do, and what we say online. That’s a threat to the free exchange of ideas that’s made the Internet a valuable asset in our democratic process.”

The Attorney General added that the FCC’s new rule will allow ISPs to charge consumers more to access websites such as Facebook and Twitter. It allows ISPs to degrade high-quality streaming and to favor certain opinions over others.

Additionally, AG Schneiderman emphasized that the FCC’s public comment process was “deeply corrupted. His office is investigating the problem and found millions of fake comments regarding net neutrality were submitted to the FCC system. The attorney general said two million of those fake comments were submitted using stolen identities of real people—a crime under New York law.

AG Schneiderman pointed out that the “FCC made a mockery of the government integrity and rewards the very perpetrators who scammed the system to advance their own agenda.”

The attorney general said the FCC’s action is “an attack on the future of the internet and attack on every American’s voice in government.” He vowed, “We will fight back.”

President Donald Trump appointed the FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, who proposed repealing the net neutrality rules. The three Republican Commissioners voted in favor of eliminating the Obama-era regulation while the Two Democratic Commissioners voted to keeping it.

Source: groopspeak.com

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