Photo Found of Trump and Lawyer with Russian He Claims He Doesn’t Know

There are really only a small handful of qualifications to be a part of Donald Trump’s circle, the most significant of which seems to be that you share his penchant for lying, and lying constantly.

One example of this is the lawyer that is representing Trump in the case surrounding his ties to the Russia scandal, including possible obstruction of justice with his handling of the Michael Flynn/James Comey saga.

Investigative journalist Grant Stern has put the pieces together. Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen lied to Yahoo! news earlier this year in a story titled “Trump attorney Michael Cohen: ‘I have no Russian Kremlin connections’.”

That’s interesting, because the photos below clearly show him in a 2013 meeting in Moscow with  the billionaire Agalarov family. Aras Agalarov has been called the “Trump of Russia” for his real estate mega-developments.

“Michael Cohen is a liar, just like his boss, Donald Trump,” says the Democratic Coalition’s Scott Dworkin, who unearthed the photo of Cohen from a widely read Russian blog aggregator website. “We caught him red handed, yet again.”

Now, here’s where it gets interesting…

Michael Cohen’s flatly disclaimed Kremlin contacts when questioned by Yahoo! in the immediate aftermath of his prominent mention Buzzfeed’s release of the Trump Russia dossier.

The Yahoo! interview with Cohen says, Cohen described the document published by BuzzFeed as “salacious,” “disgraceful” and “disgusting.”

“None of it is true. I don’t know who created the document or what it was supposed to be used for, but there’s absolutely no accuracy to anything in that document,” Cohen said.

However, as The Stern Facts points out, the New York Timesdiscovered a month later that Cohen was part of the Trump back channel to Russia, working with convicted felon Felix Sater — a former Trump Organization senior advisor — and a Ukrainian lawmaker to present a “peace plan” to General Michael Flynn.

Now we know that Michael Cohen blatantly lied to the press about his Russian Kremlin contacts, and that raises a red flag about his involvement in the sham “peace deal” he incubated, which was little more than a thin excuse to drop American financial sanctions against Russia.


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