President Trump’s Personal “Charity” Just Announced Plans To Shut Itself Down

The Donald J. Trump Foundation is finally shutting its doors.

NBC News has just discovered that the much-maligned “charitable” foundation is dissolving itself after admitting to “self-dealing” and being mothballed by the New York Attorney General. The “foundation” still has around $970,000 in its coffers.

The Trump Foundation has never operated like a traditional charity should. It was used as a front for him to launder money through so he could avoid paying taxes, used to appropriate other people’s donations and use that money to make it seem like Trump is a generous man, and to purchase charity items that Trump had taken a fancy to, like a $10,000 portrait of himself or a $12,000 Tim Tebow helmet. Trump hasn’t given any money to his own “foundation” since 2008.

 The Washington Post contacted over 250 charities in attempts to track down Trump’s “donations” – but were largely unsuccessful. Many of the charities that Trump told the IRS he had donated to had no idea that he had promised them money.

Ironically, it was Trump’s own braggadocious stunt in January 2016 that set off the bloodhounds. After getting into a very public feud that turned appallingly sexist with conservative media matriarch Megyn Kelly, Trump declared that he wouldn’t be taking part in the next debate in protest and that he would hold a fundraiser for “the troops” instead.

Trump raised $5.6 million that night, which was put in the Trump Foundation’s coffers. Several months later, however, the money still hadn’t been paid out – and it was only after journalists began badgering him about it were the funds distributed.

Then came the revelations that he used the Trump Foundation to funnel his income through so he wouldn’t have to pay taxes on it and that he made a $25,000 donation to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi in exchange for her dropping the investigation into his Trump University scam.

On top of all this, the Trump Foundation was busted unashamedly coordinating with the Trump presidential campaign for months and was being used as a “political slush fund” to funnel funds to charities in key primary battleground states.

The Trump Foundation was nothing but an elaborate scheme to plaster his image across the world; an intricately constructed but ultimately ersatz image of a successful businessman and philanthropist. We now know exactly what kind of man the President is – and he’s never had a charitable thought in his entire life.

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