Sam Nunberg’s on-air meltdown just blew the Trump-Russia scandal wide open

Former Donald Trump adviser Sam Nunberg wants you to know that he’s going to prison. That’s the gist of his stunning on-air meltdown on MSNBC today, which was then followed by another on-air meltdown on CNN. Nunberg basically admitted that Donald Trump, Roger Stone, and Steve Bannon are guilty in the Russia scandal, and that he’d rather go to prison than turn over evidence against any of them. In so doing, Nunberg just blew the Trump-Russia scandal wide open.

Nunberg says he’s refusing to abide by the grand jury subpoena he received from Robert Mueller, which is an imprisonable offense, and one which Mueller will surely arrest him for any minute now. The subpoena demanded that Nunberg turn over all evidence of communications he had with the likes of Trump, Stone, Bannon and others. He’s refusing, under the belief that he’s helping his pals. But he’s spent the day admitting that he thinks they’re all guilty.

When Nunberg was asked on-air whether he thinks Donald Trump is guilty in the Trump-Russia scandal, Nunberg said “I think he may have done something during the election.” Nunberg also said this: “I’m not going to cooperate when they want me to come into a grand jury for them to insinuate that Roger Stone was colluding with Julian Assange. Roger is my mentor. Roger is like family.” In so doing, Nunberg seemed to be implying that he thinks Stone is guilty.

Sam Nunberg asked Katy Tur on air what she thinks will happen to him now that he’s refusing to comply with the grand jury subpoena. She told him that she expects him to be held in contempt of court. Nunberg later told Josh Dawsey of the Washington Post that he knows he’ll be arrested and “I don’t give a shit.” Nunberg may be trying to go to prison to protect Donald Trump, but he couldn’t be making a bigger mess for Trump today if he tried.

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  • Nunberg was terrific, total transparency. He fully implicated Roger Stone in wrongdoing, likely lying to the FBI. Why else would he say he refuses to help Mueller get Stone for perjury. With friends this stupid, who needs enemies.

    It was interesting to hear Nunberg say that he thinks they’ve got Trump on something major and it involves a financial scandal. Right after that he said something like ‘you’re OK’ to the interviewer but the Fox crew, Hannity, and the former prosecutor, would have a lot to lose. Interesting.

    I nominate Kellyanne Conway for the next meltdown.

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