Sean Hannity caught up in ugly Trump-connected real estate scandal

The first rule of trying to explain away a scandal is that you should never give out clues as to what was really going on. Donald Trump Jr didn’t heed this when he claimed his meeting with the Russians was about adoption, an excuse which helped expose what the meeting was really about. Sean Hannity didn’t get the memo either when he claimed he only asked Donald Trump’s attorney Michael Cohen for “real estate” advice, because it’s allowed the media to expose Hannity’s real estate scandal.

After it was revealed in court that Cohen was secretly Sean Hannity’s attorney, Hannity frantically tweeted that he had only asked Cohen for advice about “real estate” as a way of trying to distance himself n from the criminal nature of the Trump-Cohen scandal. The trouble: his response gave the media a big clue about where to start digging. Sure enough, just two weeks later, a major news outlet has dug up a serious real estate scandal involving Hannity and the Trump administration.

Hannity is connected to shell companies that spent $90 million on foreclosed properties, getting help along the way from the U.S. Department for Housing and Urban Development, according to a new report from The Guardian. It’s not yet clear if this was illegal. But at the least, it means Hannity has been secretly working with the Trump administration to pull off major real estate deals, even while using his Fox News show to try to convince the public that Trump’s various criminal scandals don’t exist.

The moment it was revealed that Michael Cohen was Sean Hannity’s lawyer, we knew it was just the tip of the iceberg. Now Hannity has been linked to an ugly-looking real estate scandal involving the Trump administration. We expect there’s a whole lot more to come on this front. Hannity’s cartoonish devotion to Donald Trump isn’t based on mere sentiment. Follow the money.

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