Steve Bannon has just been nailed to the wall in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal

Earlier this year a number of signs pointed to the likelihood that Steve Bannon had cut some kind of deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller. For Bannon’s sake, he’d better hope he cut that deal while he had the chance, and that he told Mueller the whole truth, because a new bombshell in the Trump-Russia scandal means that Bannon has been nailed to the wall.

It’s long been known that Steve Bannon was running voter data firm Cambridge Analytica before he became the Trump campaign’s CEO and the firm became the Trump campaign’s subcontractor. It was also revealed over the weekend that Cambridge Analytica stole the user data from fifty million Facebook users. The firm’s leaders were caught on tape discussing using bribery and blackmail to win elections. If you’ve been waiting for the dots to connect between Bannon’s role and Cambridge Analytica’s antics, now it’s officially arrived.

Steve Bannon directly oversaw Cambridge Analytica’s theft of Facebook user data, according to a new report from the Washington Post (link). This means, in no uncertain terms, that Bannon cheated on Trump’s behalf. Once the specific criminal parameters of Cambridge Analytica’s cheating are properly defined, whether it be a mere cyber crime or an outright conspiracy against the United States, Bannon will be first in line to face those charges.

That is, of course, unless Steve Bannon has already cut a deal with Special Counsel Robert Mueller, and he’s already confessed to all of the above. Bannon was given motivation to flip when a falling out with Donald Trump ruined his life. The Trump-controlled House Intel Committee then hauled in Bannon, seemingly to try to figure out what Bannon was planning to tell Mueller. Bannon’s refusal to answer questions was a clear sign that he was saving it for Mueller. It was later widely reported that Bannon spent twenty hours giving cooperative testimony to Mueller. If Bannon lied during that testimony, he’s going to prison. If he hasn’t cut a plea deal, he’s all but definitely going to prison.

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