White House Scrambling After Former Trump Official Claims Jared Kushner Leaked Confidential Information [DETAILS]

The entire Donald Trump administration slithering around the once-hallowed hallways of the White House is corrupt. No. Actually, the word “corrupt” doesn’t do them justice. They’re beyond corrupt. They’re evil. They’re sinister. They’re ready and willing to let their greed rule their every decision. Even if that means turning on one another to do so. But hey, that’s just the Donald Trump way of doing business, right?

This week, former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson didn’t mince words when he was asked about his time working for Trump. When The New Yorker interview Tillerson, they asked him if he had any idea who was responsible for leaking information about his untimely firing. And, let’s just say, Tillerson could work on being more subtle.
Rex replied, “I know who it is. I know who it is. And they know I know.” The fact he’s remaining so silent about this speaks volumes. Only because he was eventually let go via Twitter once he and Kushner bumped heads one too many times. And, in this case, since nepotism is Donald’s main deciding factor, it was Tillerson, not Kushner, who got the ultimate boot from the White House.

It was obviously the jealous Kushner, wanting to rid himself of Tillerson, who spread and leaked those rumors of his inevitable firing. It was all a petty ploy to rattle Rex, but in the end, it looks like Jared’s going to be the one paying the ultimate price – prison time.

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