Sarah Huckabee Sanders might be Keyser Soze after all

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is an idiot. She’s a buffoon who, based on the sheer idiocy she puts on display at the podium, is far too unintelligent to play any real role in the Trump regime. She’s just sort of there to add insult to injury, right? Based on the events of this week, I’m no longer so sure.

When Donald Trump hired former Fox News executive Bill Shine as his new White House Communications Director, major media outlets reported that Shine had specifically told people he was planning to replace Sarah Huckabee Sanders. But eight months later, Shine has been shoved out the back door, and Sanders is still there. In fact she’s now survived working directly under five different Trump White House Communications Directors. She got promoted along the way. She survived when Anthony Scaramucci was brought in specifically to fire everyone else. She also survived the controversial departure of her top deputy Raj Shah earlier this year.

For that matter, after Special Counsel Robert Mueller interviewed Sarah Huckabee Sanders a few months back about the obstruction of justice she’d been committing from the podium, she simply stopped doing press briefings almost entirely. She’s no longer doing the job, yet she still has the job. It’s enough to make you wonder how this one person, who is terrible at an important and highly visible job, and is no longer even doing her job, keeps surviving – even as everyone above and below her keeps getting ousted.

During the Sean Spicer era we saw just how much Donald Trump cared about how the press briefings went. Now he has someone in the job who doesn’t even bother to do press briefings, yet he keeps her around while chasing off everyone else in the communications department. The whole thing is just weird. Some have theorized that Trump keeps her around because her father is influential evangelical conservative Christian con artist Mike Huckabee, and Trump needs those votes. But does anyone think the conservative evangelicals are sticking with Trump because of Huckabee Sanders? All Trump has to do is keep saying racist and hateful things to keep their votes.

There is another possibility. Based on everything we’ve seen from her, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is extraordinarily unintelligent and inept. But what if that’s the whole point? What if she’s a secret genius, and she’s smart enough to know that coming off like a non-influential simpleton is the key to prospering in this depraved criminal regime? What if she’s secretly in charge of the whole thing? What if Sarah Huckabee Sanders has been pulling a Keyser Soze on us the whole time? At this point very little would surprise me.

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